How it works

The use of manual muscle testing began in the early 1900s while studying muscle function in patients with poliomyelitis. It remains today an important tool for assessing the extent of muscle weakness.
Therapists assess muscle force to evaluate treatment effectiveness. There is a need for quantitative, objective measures of muscle force to provide documentation of progress and intervention efficacy.
The CITEC dynamometer facilitates a quick, quantitative, objective assessment of muscle force. This little yet powerful device is used by medical specialists in a broad range of neuromuscular disciplines.
Due to its ergonomic shape, the CITEC dynamometer is suitable for measurement of nearly all clinically relevant muscle groups. The CITEC dynamometer is used as a diagnostical tool aimed at assessing the loss of muscle strength. Also, the CITEC can used to evaluate treatment effectiveness in time. In this way, effects of medication or therapy can be monitored quantitatively.

Some examples to indicate the range of use of this handy precision instrument:

» diagnosis of the objective muscle strenght in a certain moment
» evaluating the development of muscle strenght during therapy
» assessment of pain intensity related to pressure exposed
» assessment of proximal or distal muscle weakness

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