The CITEC hand held dynamometer, or myometer, is a medical device that can quantify muscle strength reliably. The instrument was developed some years ago by C.I.T. Technics, Centre for Innovative Technics, located in the Netherlands. The design and development of the CITEC are based on neurologic practices. Since then, the CITEC enjoys international reputation and esteem.
The CITEC is an easy to use and effective tool, to be used in a broad range of neuromuscular disciplines such as neurology, rehabilitation, orthopeady, physiotherapy, sports medicine, etc..
"Powerful" partner
The CITEC is a universal digital dynamometer. This medical precision instrument is designed for use with almost all clinically relevant muscle groups. The CITEC is delivered in a case, complete with three standard applicators. With these accessories, the accurateness of your analysis can be enhanced until it meets your demands. Optional applicators are available to enlarge the possibilities.

The small CITEC dynamometer weighs only 250 grs. and is designed ergonomically for frequent use. The dimensions of the CITEC are such, that you easily can have the instrument with you all the time.
The CITEC is powerful, yet easy to use: it is equipped with only one button, is operational within seconds and to be used in almost all circumstances, from medical consulting room to intensive care or at home. After use, the CITEC will shut off automatically.

of users and patients are very positive. You too will find out that this 'powerful' partner is a welcome addition to your consultation room!
Complete and ready-to-use
The CITEC is delivered complete and ready-to-use. You will receive your CITEC dynamometer in a practical hard case, complete with the standard applicators and a detailed user manual. A grip strenght-, pinch grip- and pain sensation applicator are available as optional accessories.
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